Top 10 Most Women’s Seducing Perfumes Reviewed

Perfumes have been around for decades. Women’s perfumes are adored for their distinctive aroma and scintillating fragrance. A nice women’s perfume can be a part of her identity and make her feel truly special and feminine. Wearing the right perfume has the ability to make a woman feel sexy, alluring and attractive too. Now let us take a look at the top 10 most seducing perfumes for women. List of top ten most seducing perfumes for women:

10. Kiss her kiss for women

Kiss her kiss for women


This incredibly exotic perfume with a fruity smell was launched in the year 2006 and was touted ideal for the women young and rebellious at heart. This perfume emanates a tinge of spiciness that is extremely alluring and seducing. This exquisite perfume works well as an everyday fragrance.

9. Vintage soul perfume by Liz Claiborne for women

Vintage soul perfume by Liz Claiborne for women


This exceptionally romantic perfume was introduced in the year 2006 in an impressive purple package. This perfume is 100% original and is recommended for use during day time or for casual use. The fragrance is sensuous, captivating and glamorous to leave a lasting impression. It is available in three notes.

8. Mahora by Guerlain Eau De Parfum Spray for women

Mahora by Guerlain Eau De Parfum spray for women

Mahora perfume was launched in the year 2000 in an exquisite combination of floral odors of vanilla, vetiver and sandalwood. This perfume is touted to invoke the taste, feelings and desires of life. Mahora, an elegant and oriental floral perfume is a perfect blend of passion and exotic mysteries.

7. Insolence by Guerlain

Insolence by Guerlain

It is a totally new, yet familiar floral fragrance that reveals a woman’s private feelings and emotions. This fruity floral fragrance is highly audacious and feminine so as to take you straight to the heart of the perfume. No wonder this French perfume is touted to leave everyone smelling it mesmerized and spell-bound. They come in notes of violet, rose, iris, raspberry and tonka bean.

6. J’adore by Dior

J’adore by Dior


This exotic perfume’s fragrance is regarded as a symbol of total sophistication and glamorous femininity. J’adore is an iconic fragrance that reflects the ultimate in luxury and sensuality. This is specially designed for
the most seductive and dazzling women. Everyone smelling this perfume will feel enchanted and captivated. It is available in a combination of rose, blackberry musk, mandarin, African orchid and champaca flowers.

5. Vanilla Gourmande by Laura Mercier

Vanilla Gourmande by Laura Mercier


This is an oriental vanilla fragrance specially formulated for the modern women. This is an ideal choice for a woman who wants to feel fresh and pleasant smelling the whole day long. It comes with an
exciting combination of ingredients like the vanilla, bourbon, sandalwood, amber and heliotrope. This is truly one of the enticing and tantalizing perfumes available out there. Just a little splash and you will smell wonderful for hours.

4. Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret

Bombshell by Victoria’s secret


This perfume lets you experience the whimsical spring fragrance that lingers for a long time. This fruity, aromatic and floral fragrance comes in notes of vanilla orchard, purple passion fruit and Shangri la peony. This tantalizing perfume has a breathtaking scent that can easily turn heads. Bombshell is perfect for a woman with attitude and who commands attention.

3. Daisy Perfume by Mark Jacobs for Women


Introduced in the year 2007 Daisy exudes a sparkly floral woody fragrance that is fresh and feminine with a touch of playful innocence. On account of its strong smell it is generally recommended that women wear it during the spring time.

2. Versus by Gianni Versace for Women

Versus by Gianni Versace for Women

This perfume is hailed as a true legend in the perfume industry. It exhibits a deeply evocative scent that balances a variety of floral elements. This fascinating perfume is available in a combination of iris and rose with an intense woody fragrance. This perfume is perfect for a night out or even for office use.

        1. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

       This is one of the finest and most expensive perfumes that have created waves. This floral explosion has the power to awaken the deepest senses and leave a lasting impression. It gives you a feeling of thriving in a secret garden of your own. It comes in flavors of sambac jasmine, ballerina freshia, centifolia rose and cattleya orchid.

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