Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actresses Reviewed

Hollywood is one of the best places to find the top beautiful girls of the world who are blessed with enormous talent. Given below is the comprehensive list of Hollywood actresses who make it to the top 10.

10. Jennifer Aniston

8Jennifer-Aniston (11)

Having an initial stint with the television has helped Jennifer a lot in gaining strong foothold in the competitive Hollywood. Perhaps, her most successful stint with television is her portrayal of the character named Rachel Karen Green in the most popular television show named F.R.I.E.N.D.S that provided her perfect platform to showcase her enormous talent levels in an exceptional easy way. Eventually, this has helped her to carve a unique niche for herself so that she could display her acting histrionics to the core.

9. Jessica Alba

6Jessica Alba 5

She is one of the rare Hollywood actresses who is a perfect combination of beauty as well as brains. Though Jessica Alba started her career with television just like Ms. Aniston, it did not her long to make a grand foray into movies. Dark Angels is the television serial that has brought her into the limelight from where there is no looking back for her. Her acting prowess could be best witnessed in movies like Sin City proving her acting caliber in an exceptional manner.

8. Emma Stone


This Arizona girl possessing the girl next door looks is credited for her multifaceted personality. Perhaps, Emma Stone is one actress who has achieved so much already at such a young age. Though she is popular as Emma Stone in the entertainment circles, she is known with several other names as well such as Emily Stone as well as Riley Stone. Particularly, Emily Stone is best regarded for her killer looks that make any man drool over for sure. Emily Stone made a successful Hollywood debut with the movie titled Crazy Stupid Love.

7. Cameron Diaz


From supermodel to Hollywood actress, Ms. Diaz has carried every role with aplomb. Perhaps, this has helped her in becoming one of the most successful actresses of all-time. Also, she is one actress who is known to grace the top 10 list on a frequent basis. She is credited with the portrayal of memorable characters in movies such as My Best Friend’s Wedding as well as Charlies Angels. With a sleek body that never relents to age, it is considered as one of the top secrets that why Americans hold her in high esteem still.

6. Scarlett Johansson


Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson is not just an acting wonder, but also a singing sensation as well. Having been credited to be in possession of the best sex appeal in Hollywood to till date, she is regarded as a brilliant personality as well. Scarlett Johansson had an on-off stint in the modeling field as well due to which she is considered as one of the busiest personalities as well. After making a dream debut into the entertainment world in 1994, she got several awards in her kitty including two BAFTAs as well. However, her biggest claim to fame is that of “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine in 2013.

5. Mila Kunis


Ukraine born Mila Kunis moved to Los Angeles along with her family when she was still seven. After tasting different waters with creative ads, she ventured into television at the age of 15 through That 70s Show that provided her with the best platform to perform in movies as well in a perfect manner. One of her most memorable roles in the movies till date is in Black Swan offering her maximum opportunity to display her best skills with ease. Ms. Kunis is one of the rare actresses who is found to be calm as well as composed.

4. Julia Roberts


Perhaps, no other actress in the Hollywood is as much popular as Ms. Roberts. If the movie “Pretty Woman” has made her an evergreen star, then the other movies that followed later allowed her to establish amidst severe levels of competition. Another similar list that she was included in is “Top 50 World’s Most Beautiful Women” because of the natural looks she is known to possess. She won an Academy Award as well in 2001 for the movie Her Portrayal. There are several such instances that makes Ms. Roberts much unique than other actresses.

3. Charlize Theron

3Charlize Theron3

South Africa born actress Charlize Theron is considered to be the perfect bet for all those who count on beauty along with wit. After getting her American citizenship in 2007, she hardly had any problems in continuing in the Hollywood movies. The Cider House Rules is one movie that her fans would remember for a lifetime because of the memorable character she is known to have played. She won Golden Globe Award in addition to several other popular awards for the immense acting talent she has got naturally.

2. Marion Cotillard

2Marion Cotillard5

This French actress who made international name with movies like La Vie en rose is considered to be one of the best beauties with rare acting talent. There are several movies that brought her multiple benefits such as Rust as well as Bone. With the kind of grace through which she carries herself, there are hardly any others who are known to have been blessed with features. One of the distinct achievements that she won is that of receiving more than 100 awards. Perhaps, one wonders that whether it is possible for any other actress to achieve that milestone.

1. Angelina Jolie

1Angelina Jolie11

The more talked about Ms. Jolie the less it would be. Carrying multiple roles with ease, she is an inspiration for several emerging as well as established actresses. Her juicy lips are the most irresistible feature in her that have achieved her global fans. She received 3 Golden Globe awards already with portrayal of distinctive characters in movies such as Girl Interrupted. Also, she achieves the dubious distinction of acting nude for a record eight times in her movies. This feat alone best explains her bold dynamism, which is hardly possible for any other actress. Though she has been diagnosed with breast cancer, she continues to do what she is at and that is acting.

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