Top 10 National Hottest Girls Fan World Cup 2014

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is way gone but the memories are still very fresh in our minds. Besides the thrilling football matches, shock wins and defeats, there were many other things to make out of the tournament. Fan girls were simply amazing, adorned in their respective nation’s colours and paintings to cheer the teams. It is difficult to compile the list of most beautiful fans but here is a list of the top 10 most national hottest fan girls at world cup 2014 in Brazil.

10. Spanish girls

Spanish fan girl

Spain’s exit at the group stages was a big surprise in the world cup considering they were the defending champions in a fairly manageable group. That however did not keep their girls out of the top 10 national hottest fan girls at world cup 2014 in Brazil. The first two games might have given us slightly sad and disappointed faces but they later showed up in full glamour. Their innocent looks with sharp eyes typical of Spaniards, defined cheeks, full busts and nicely maintained tans was simply cute.

9. Croatian girls

Croatian Fan Girl

Croatian fan girls were the last representation in our top 10 national hottest fan girls at world cup 2014 in Brazil. Although they never progressed past the group stages, Croatian girls are always difficult to ignore. Their naturally sensual smiles, cream-pink complexion and fair skins are elementary definition of beauty. Adorned in traditional red and white boxes jerseys, their full busts and curvaceous bodies were more than just highlighted.

8. Dutch girls

Dutch Fan WC2014

Although Netherlands did not make it to the finals, their fan girls were represented in the top 10 national hottest fan girls at world cup 2014 in Brazil. Their bright orange national uniform was a perfect match for the Dutch’s pale complexion. Their long blond hair, tall heights, pink lips and very light skin allowed for exquisite makeup and painting. The Dutch fan girls are generally diverse with all proportionalities. From tall to average heights, curvaceous and slim, full busts, trim tans, full and accentuated cheeks, they were simply exceptional.

7. Chilean girls

Chilean girls

The Chilean girls were simply stunning. They are the most curvaceous girls in the Latin region and are also known for a relatively average height which naturally complements that anatomy. Their full cheeks, light shorts and tank tops did little to hide their lusciousness. Dressed in deep red outfits that blend well with their complexions, the Chilean fan girls had a smile on their faces in all games. They were gorgeous, smooth and fair with long shiny dark hair.

6. Russian girls

Russian Fan WC2014


Russian fan girls just narrowly missed the top five, but still made it to the top ten national hottest fan girls at world cup 2014 in Brazil list. Known for the most flexible women on earth, the fan girls walked and stretched with elegance and style. Although they were eliminated in the group stages, the cameras still managed to spot their outstanding talents and beauty. With nicely maintained tans and proportional anatomy, the Russians are quite attentive to body size, shape and contouring.

5. Argentinean girls

Argentinean girls


Argentina finally made it to the world cup finals in 2014 after a long wait. Their fan girls were the happiest in the tournament and there was a feeling they were going to lift the trophy. Unfortunately that did not happen but their magnificence was conspicuous. Dressed and painted in the traditional white and blue stripes, the contrast finely complimented their light complexion. Like the Germans, Argentinean girls have a defined structure with firm accentuated cheeks and trim bodies. They snag and smiled all the way to the finals dressed in beach attires and loose hairstyles.

4. Belgian girls

Belgian girls

Belgium fun girls are one of the two European representations in top 10 national hottest fan girls at world cup 2014. The Belgian national football uniform complimented their complexions making it easier to achieve attractive makeup. Belgian fan girls had the best curves of the 2014 tournament with skimpy shorts, tank tops and tall straight brunette hair. Their shape and contouring matched their average height and full painted cheeks. The ladies in maroon were absolutely fair-looking.

3. German girls

German girls

Germans are the most proud and confident football fans in the world and it was no different for their fan girls. With the quintessential defined face, tall height and highlighted cheeks, the Germans were simply marvelous. They stood tall holding the national flag up high adorned in their white, red and black uniform jerseys. Although European girls are slightly heavy bodied than Latin and Asians, the German fan girls had perfect trims and firm build.

2. Brazilian girls

Brazilian girls

The Brazilian fan girls were as glamorous as in all previous world cups. Hosting the tournament in their own home soil, they were flashy to the least as all attire expressed loyalty to the flag colours. The light complexion, sun bathed bodies and trim tans combined with their flexibility and ease of motion was commendable. Their gorgeous faces, height and tall hair are everything you need to define hotness. However, they come second in the list of top ten national hottest fan girls at world cup 2014 in Brazil.

1. Columbian Girls

Columbian Girls

Columbia was one of the surprises in the 2014 world cup after they managed to reach the quarterfinals. This gave the cameras sufficient time to capture their hot fan girls from all dimensions and they sure did. Adorned in their yellow tops with running black stripes and national flag colours painted on their accentuated cheeks, it was impossible to oversight all that prettiness. They were also the very proud and smiled all the way to knockouts. The Latin girls are surely hot and cautious about their bodies.


World cup brings fans from over 32 countries together and beauty is an element you will never miss on any these tournaments. There were many hot fan girls present all dressed in their respective country uniforms to support the players. This list was based on overall fan girls from their nationalities and not specific names. The teams not featured in the list also had hot girls but this represents our top 10 national hottest fan girls at world cup 2014. in many ways, the girls made the games to be lively and spiced up the 2014 world cup in the South American nation.

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