Top 10 Best Sexiest K-POP Girls Reviewed

These days, a lot more fans from around the world are getting caught up into the puzzling and mesmerizing charm of KPOP music. According to most fans, this growing concern in the KPOP music genre is not only attributed to excellent dance moves and tunes, but also to the dazzling women who go beside these superhit songs.

In this post, we’ve discussed the Top 10 sexiest KPOP girls. We have compiled this list by covering every aspect of these beautiful ladies, including beauty, charm, personality and more.

1. Hyorin


Hyorin is one of the most popular members of the group called The Clique Sistar. In fact, she is considered to be most responsible for bringing the group to fame. Fans have been appreciating her buff body since she came into limelight. Her beautiful body is sporty and curvy at the same time. With her looks, she definitely tops the list of the sexiest KPOP girls in 2014.

2. Hyuna


Hyuna used to be a part of the KPOP group called Wonder Girls. Currently, she’s a member of the group called 4Minute. Although she’s one of the most popular members of this famous girl group, she also performs as a monologue artist. This makes her one of the most versatile artists in this list. She’s been famous for both her group appearances and singles. Her fans love her in both Avatars.

3. Gain


The fans’ perception about Brown Ogled Girls has always been close to voluminous people’s hearts. The primary reason has been the virulent charm of the lovely moves, endearing artists and melodious songs that formulate this popular girl group. Gain unintentionally steals all the attention whenever the group performs. Not a single fan is able to miss her airless and stunning looks. She has turned out to be one of the best raw talents in the industry.

4. Jeon Hyosung

4Jeon Hyosung

Cloak and Dagger was formed about 5 years ago. Since then, this group has come up with mesmerizing music to keep fans engaged. Cloak and Dagger has never lost its rapport among the audience.

In fact, every time this group performs, the audience expects a lot more in terms of appeal, sexiness and music. Jeon Hyosung has always been the main attraction. She has been popular for her glamorous moves and staggering body. While watching the group perform, fans can’t just take their eyes off her.

5. Tiffany


Tiffany has always been considered an all round performer. Besides being one of the most popular KPOP girls, she’s also a proficient TV presenter, persuasive model and talented actress. She is considered to be one of the most beautiful and talented KPOP girls. Her evident fame propels her KPOP group to worldwide fame. She continues to improve her skills, and brush up her talents.

6. Suzi


Suzi is the show stopper in the popular KPOP group called Miss. This KPOP group has a huge fan base in Japan and South Korea. Suzi is not only popular for her sexiness, but also her cuteness, loveliness and exceptional beauty. Her adorable face and curvy body makes this star glimmer on stage.

She has shown a lot of promise to be one of the most successful KPOP stars in the near future. Currently, she’s working on brushing up her talents to enhance her KPOP group’s appeal and expand the fanbase.

7. Yuri


She is definitely going to be one of the most beloved KPOP celebrities in 2014. She is a member of the popular group called Girls Generation. Yuri is bold, sexy and lovable. She has completely changed the meaning of stage performances. According to fans, she is boundless at whatever she does on stage.

Yuri also has a keen interest in making some charming and cute mudpack expressions quite assertively. Her moves on stage always make the crowd go wild. Yuri is a very hardworking girl, and keeps practicing her dance moves for hours before any performances. In the coming years, there’s no doubt that Yuri will become one of the most well known and recognized stars in the industry.

8. G.N.A


G.N.A is one of the most charming and endowed Cube artists. She has been loved by thousands of fans around the world. She has been a regular performer in many different Cube gigs. She has been one of the few KPOP girls who’s been able to make her own identity.

G.N.A has been earning a lot of fame and acclaim around the world. Every time she dances and warbles on stage, she compels the huge crowd to cheer much louder than her enthralling appearance. G.N.A has been known for her bold and stunning performances in exquisite and sexy attires. She will be one of the sexiest KPOP girls in 2014, and many years to follow.

9. Park Ji-Yeon

9Park Ji Yeon

Park Ji Yeon is the most popular member in the group called T-Are. In fact, she manages the entire burden of the group singlehandedly on her shoulders. For some time, she’s been able to build waves in the music industry. Park Ji Yeon has been voted by many fans and magazines as one of the sexiest KPOP girls in 2014. Her looks and appeal have made her a regular part of such lists.

Park Ji Yeon is also one of the most versatile artists in the KPOP industry. When she’s not out singing and dancing with other girls from her group, she spends her time acting and starring in some stunning flicks on the broad screen. When she’s on stage, you just can’t afford to take your eyes off her.

10. Nana


Nana is one of the most important members of the group called After School. She has always been known for her confident stirs while dancing. In fact, she is the sole reason why her group has become extremely popular in recent years. After School has not only been famous in the country, but also other parts of the world.

These were the Top 10 sexiest KPOP girls in 2014. In the last few years, KPOP music has become extremely popular in many different parts of the world. These girls not only portray exceptional beauty, but also possess many talents to keep the audience engaged and on their feet. When they’re performing on stage, you will be completely mesmerized by their looks, dance moves and singing.

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