Top 10 Best Kid’s Protective Gears Reviewed In 2016

In a society where video gaming has become the activity of choice for most children and where lethargy has taken center stage, many parents are looking for strategies to lure their children outdoors and inject some activity into their lives. While skateboarding, cycling, skating, and rollerblading are good activities, safety should be a major priority to better the experience of your child outdoors. This does not mean that you should stay hawk-eyed whenever he or she is playing outdoors or hiring a guide for your kid. With one the 10 protective gears for kids listed herein, you will be able to protect him or her from bumps and bruises without compromising his or her performance:

10. YIMAN Safety Protective Gear

YIMAN Safety Protective Gear S,M,L Size Keen,Elbow,Wrist 6pcs Set Protective Pads

Attainable in small, medium, and large sizes, YIMAN is a set of six blue and black protective gear for kids, designed to protect wrists, elbows, and knees when cycling, skating, and engaging is all other demanding outdoor activities. The water-resistant PVC used to manufacture them is durable and recommended for use outdoors. The wet absorption cotton used to pad their interior minimize cushions joints and knees well to minimize irritation while their sturdy and adjustable strap systems guarantee a custom and comfortable fit, devoid of the type of activities that your baby enjoys. With this set, therefore, you will minimize damage to knees, palms, and elbows without spending a lot of money.

9. Soared Kids 3D Protection Hip Pad

Soared Kids Boys Girls 3D Protection Hip EVA Paded Short Pants Protective Gear Guard Pad Ski Skiing Skating Snowboard

Hip injuries are common and often debilitating when children fall from their bicycles, skateboards, and other toys on hard ground. To protect you baby boy or girl from such injuries, this 3D protection hip pad from Soared is a valuable kid’s accessory that you will never regret purchasing. Manufactured using hot presses 2 centimeters thick EVA pads, it is sturdy yet comfortable. The superior impact resistance that it delivers is impressive while its low profile design fits comfortably over clothing without limiting the movement of kids. Whether you boy or girl enjoys snowboarding, trailing, or skating, this hip pad will protect him or her from thigh, hip, and tailbone injuries.

8. JBM Child Cycling Protective Gear Set

JBM Child Kids Bike Cycling Bicycle Riding-Protective Gear Set, Knee and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards for Multi-sports Outdoor Activities- Pollerblading, Skating, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, BMX

Specially designed for kids, JBM Child from JMB International is a professional-grade protective gear set that consists of premium elbow and kneepads. Featuring comfortable and multi-functional designs that are perfect for skating, rollerblading, basketball, and football, they are perfect day-to-day accessories. Their lightweight designs and rib knit interior (using 100% cotton) are comfortable and fun to use. Sizing is accurate (one size fits all) while the denim dark blue anti-shock PP shell offered maximizes protection without compromising the performance of kids. Children and parents also like them for their fashionable outlook and cost effectiveness respectively.

7. Triple Eight Little Tricky

Triple Eight Little Tricky Junior Protective Pad 3-Pack

Attainable as a package of three junior protective pads for kids, Little Tricky from Triple Eight is a must-have accessory for sports enthusiasts that treasure safety. Featuring a convenient one-size design that benefits kids aged 6-11 years old, the kneepads, wrist guards, and elbow pads offered work well. Their lightweight designs are fun to use while their ergonomic bodies and superior shock absorbing properties have made them a preferred solution to the debilitating knee and elbow injuries that most kids suffer from time to time. You also get ventilated EVA foam padding that limits perspiration and a free instructional DVD that covers usage.

6. JBM BMX Multi-Sport Safety Gear

JBM BMX Bike Knee Pads and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards Protective Gear Set for Biking, Riding, Cycling and Multi Sports Safety Protection-Scooter, Skateboard, Bicycle, Rollerblades

Perfect for roller blading, cycling, and riding scooters, this multi-safety gear from JBM International is a valuable set of protective gear (in black) for kids with several innovative features. The PE material used to manufacture their shells, for instance, is tough, durable, and designed to offer superior impact resistance. The polyester sleeves it comes with are durable, non-irritant, and adjust for a custom fit while their lightweight and versatile designs are perfect for engaging in a plethora of sporting activities including cycling, skating, and skateboarding. This gear is affordable and attainable as a package of protective elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards.

5. JBM Children / Kids Protective Gear

JBM Children or Kids Protective Gear Sports Safety Pad Safe guard Inline Roller Skating Biking Knee Elbow Wrist Support Pad for bicycling and roller skating

Does your child skate, cycle, or engage in other demanding sports activities? To protect him or her from bruises and physical injuries that most sports persons suffer in the event of a fall, JBM Children / Kids Protective Gear is a one the best products to buy. Attainable in black, this gear is aesthetic. The sponge padding, nylon straps, plastic shell used to manufacture the provided elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards are premium while their ease of use has made them sought-after globally. Order a set today to get an affordable and professional-grade product that your bundle of joy will enjoy using occasionally.

4. JBM Children Protective Pads

JBM® Children Cycling Roller Skating Knee Elbow Wrist Protective Pads--Black or Adjustable Size, Suitable for Skateboard, Biking, Mini Bike Riding and Other Extreme Sports

With these protective pads from JBM, you get well-designed knee, wrist, and elbow pads that are perfect for mini bike riding, biking, skateboarding, and engaging in all other extreme sports. All accessories are black themed and adjustable for a custom fit. Their lightweight and well-padded designs are comfortable and very easy to use while their suitability for use in all weather conditions including summer and winter months has increased their popularity. JBM Children Protective Pads are affordable and have a one-year warranty.

3. Bell Princess Kids Bike Accessory

Bell Princess Kids Bike Accessory

A trusted brand in the kid’s safety niche, Bell is home to functional accessories with this Princess Kids edition ranking among the best for cycling. Attainable as a stylish glove and pad set, the high-impact skid guards offered offer superior protection from bumps and bruises. Their custom designs are comfortable and very easy to use while the premium padding that all accessories come with betters the experience of users further without bulking up joints or compromising the performance of wearers. Bell Princess Kids Bike Accessory is affordable and comes with a free basket that your kid can use to carry snacks and personals.

2. Schwinn Child’s Pad Set

Schwinn Child's Pad Set with Knee Elbow and Gloves

Best known for its bikes and the premium workout accessories that it has produced over the years, Schwinn is also a dominant player in the child protection niche with this Child’s Pad Set ranking among the best. Featuring an adjustable strap system, fit is custom and comfortable. Their fun designs are appeals to both boys and girls while the high level of protection they offer have made them the preferred option for parents teaching their kids how to skate and ride.

1. Mongoose BMX Bike Pads

Mongoose BMX Bike Gel Knee and Elbow Pads

Ranked among the top 10 best protective gears for kids in 2016 reviews, these BMX Bike Pads from Mongoose are effective safety accessories with tough outer shells that absorb shock well and soft gel padding (internal) that maximize comfort. Pricing is decent. Wearing and removable are hassle-free while the breathable and form-fitting mesh offered keep wearers cool and comfortable.

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