Top 10 Best Hottest Girls Reviewed In The World

Several reasons are considered for voting girls to be hottest such as their wit, honesty and looks. Given below is a concise list for your quick consideration providing you with the best results.

10. Shakira

10 Final picture

This household name has created maximum sensation in the music as well as entertainment industry. Shakira is the most successful Colombian artist with multiple skills that brought her into the limelight industry. Credited with sultry voice, this gorgeous singer is capable of bowling out the most eligible bachelors in the world in a perfect manner. Apart from receiving umpteen music awards across the world, she received her Golden Globe nomination as well.

9. Jennifer Lopez


Ms Lopez might be well into her 40s, but age can never stop her from stealing looks. No health specialist has got any answer behind her beauty secret that still continues to weave magic around men. Apart from scintillating music career, this Latin star has made successful foray into Hollywood as a successful actor and producer as well. She already got several meaty roles to her credit such as the one in Anaconda. Jennifer Lopez in the quintessential ageless beauty in case you are searching for one.

8. Jennifer Aniston

8Jennifer-Aniston (7)

She is not just another Jennifer, but a unique name and fame to her credit across the world. Her much publicized marriage with Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt and immediate divorce too never ditched her in occupying place in several men with ease. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. star is still as beautiful as she was in her teens. Though making countless appearances in TV shows and notable performances in films, Ms. Aniston continues to be in the limelight evoking fresh feelings. Perhaps, she must be in the record books for making her grand way into maximum lists for hottest girls in Hollywood.

7. Alessandra Ambrosio

7Alessandra Ambrosio5

Modeling for Victoria’s Secret is not the only that brought Alessandra into the limelight. Perhaps, her chiseled body is one thing about which men always wonder. Flawless structure with killer looks grace her into the charts allowing her to experience the best moments with ease. She has been the spokemodel for VS Pink as well to her credit. World famous fashion brands such as Armani Exchange have already been in her kitty displaying her tremendous stature in an effortless manner. The kind of confidence that she displays in her looks as well as appearance is something that proves to be unique for sure.

6. Jessica Alba

Regarded as the ultimate sex symbol by many in the Hollywood and outside, Ms. Alba is credited mostly for her stunningly perfect body. Making it to the top magazine covers such as Maxim as well as FHM has become routine for her. Though it is needless to mention that she earned several awards such as Teen Choice Award. Perhaps, it is a great achievement to have a Golden Globe nomination to her credit at such a young age. No wonder then that she still continues make men go crazy for her at the very first instance.

5. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Apart from being the mistress of Brad Pitt, Ms. Jolie has earned a unique name for her in the entertainment industry. She has been the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador since ages proving her mettle while working for humanitarian causes. Perhaps, she is the real beauty who dared breast cancer as well without allowing her confidence levels come down. Several such benefits are realized in the case of Jolie because of which her life has been a perfect example for many to follow. Realizing the best features in an excellent manner, it is possible to explore several features providing you with the best results on an overall.


4. Hayden Panettiere

4Hayden Panettiere6

Remarkable performances in Hollywood movies such as Shanghai Kiss and Message in a Bottle have brought Ms. Panettiere to the limelight. Her on-off relationship with Ukraine boxer Wladimir Klitschko too has been in the headlines as much as her. However, it is her multifaceted personality that she carries with aplomb that made her stood in the frontline always. People of her age are still struggling to come to terms when Hayden already made a name for her in the world already. Her tremendous success at such a young age is what matters the most.


3. Adriana Lima

3Adriana Lima6_files

Credited to be one of the scintillating models that have had ever influenced men in such a way, Lima has been the most successful model of her times. Countless brands are in her kitty with the top ones being Victoria’s Secret as well as Maybelline. Though she achieved everything that she can, it is because of the professionalism that she displays at work that brought her into the limelight. As far as financial details are considered, she made it to 4th in the list of Forbes if top earning models in the world are taken into account.


2. Mila Kunis

2Mila Kunis16

Amazing talent of this young girl that turns heads always has been the greatest asset of hers. Perhaps, young Mila Kunis has got a long way to go though she left her contemporaries and ageing beauties far back. It is her confidence that speaks of her capability due to which she is able to carry multiple roles with ease. The inclusion of several such aspects provides her a perfect platform to prove herself time and again in an exceptional manner. Checking her astounding career profile will send shivers down the spines of many celebrities for sure.


1. Scarlet Johansson

1Scarlet Johansson3
The more talked about this Hollywood beauty the less it would be. Her flawless body is one reason for her to display her antics in an effective manner. Apart from earning numerous awards for portraying several memorable characters, it is because of her stunning display of beauty that represents her into the top league always. She made her way into magazines such as Esquire and Playboy allowing a unique name for her in the male dominated world. There are several achievements to her credit due to which she is being touted as the next big wonder of the entertainment industry by many.

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