Top 10 Best Helmet Kids Reviewed

Learning how to ride a bicycle is probably one of the most important skills that every child should learn. Biking is one of the most nature-friendly means of transportation. There is no reason for you not to teach your kids how to ride the bike. However, like all parents, we are scared for the safety and well-being of our children, especially since bumps and bruises are very common when someone is trying to learn how to ride a bike. That is why it would be for your best interest to look for the top 10 best helmets kids reviewed in order to find which kids helmet to buy for your child.

10. Angeles Toddler Helmet

Angeles Toddler Helmet


When looking for the 10 best helmets kids reviewed, going through the bike helmets in amazon is a good place to start. The Angeles Toddler helmet is one such item that has great reviews from the parents who bought them for their kids. It meets the ANSI Z90.4 specification when it comes to bicycle helmet safety specification and has garnered positive praise from reviewers.


9. Schwinn Youth Intercept Helmet, Green


Another great bike helmet for the kids which have great reviewed is the Schwinn Youth Intercept Helmet. It has a dial fit so that it is easily adjusted which means a snugger fit on your kid’s head. It also has 10 flow vents to allow for air circulation. Best of all, it has a removable visor which can shield against the elements.


8. Raskullz Cutie Cat Helmet, 5+ Years, Yellow

Raskullz Color Cat Helmet


This helmet is a little something for the girls. They love the cute cat look of the helmet while parents appreciate its sturdy build quality and nylon straps.


7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Child Helmet


Next on the top 10 best helmets kids reviewed is everyone’s favorite heroes in a half shell: a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed child helmet. With the slated release of the upcoming movie, your kids will surely love this helmet after watching the film. Best of all, it has very good reviews from parents saying their kids loved it.

6. Raskullz Color Cat Helmet, 3+ Years, Purple


Another Raskullz product and is famed for being safe, sturdy, and stylish. This is another cat themed child bike helmet complete with cat ears and nose. It has cooling vents to keep your kid’s head cool but still provides that shock-absorbing EPS shell to protect their heads.


5. Schwinn Infant Helmet, Jungle


This child helmet is colorful, bright, and offers a 360- degree internal padding which makes it easy to fit and comfortable to wear. It also has a lower molded shell that provides extended rear coverage.


4. Schwinn Youth Girl’s Intercept Helmet, Purple/Pink


Similar to the other Schwinn Bike helmet, it also provides a dial fit for easy adjusting and has 10 flow vents to keep their heads cool. It also sports a removable visor. This model, however, sports a pink or purple color which makes it stylish for your daughters.


3. Lazer BOB (Baby on Board) Infant Helmet

Lazer BOB (Baby on Board) Helmet


Coming into third spot is the Lazer BOB helmet with its super soft padding and reflective straps. The soft padding provides ease of removal and cleaning while the reflective straps give it more visibility so that it can easily be seen. It also has a special padding that helps the chin keep cool.


2. Bell Child’s Hello Kitty Adventurer Multi-Sport Bike Helmet

Bell Child's Hello Kitty Adventurer Multi-Sport Bike Helmet


For those kids who adore Hello Kitty, this is the perfect bike helmet for them. It does not only look cute but it provides exceptional protection with its hard shell case. It is also CPSC and ASTM compliant making it one of the sturdiest bike helmets around.


1. Krash Jolly Roger Mohawk Helmet


The number one on the top 10 best helmets kids reviewed is this helmet. Not only is it a real head turner but it also keeps your child safe and secure. It is CPSC certified and meets all standards as well as guidelines set by the ASTM. Its biggest highlight is the razor Mohawk on top which creates a punk-rocker look. Mix safety and style with this bike helmet.

Choose from any of the top 10 best helmets kids and purchase a bike helmet for your kid. Do not rob them of the chance of learning how to ride the bicycle. Keep your peace of mind and allow them to learn.