Top 10 Best Head Massagers Reviewed In 2016

With the hectic lives that most of us live, stress and fatigue are major challenges that most individuals grapple with at some point. While everyday massage can help you to stem such effects and promote healthy living over the years, it is expensive and therefore unpractical for individuals with tight budgets. To get a similar experience without spending substantial amounts of money, head massagers work well. They are lightweight and have intricate designs that massage the head, scalp, and neck well to restore personal wellness. They are also affordable, very easy to use, and recommended for men and women of all ages. For a memorable experience every time you are massaging, the 10 best to buy are:

10. Body Back Company’s Rainbow

Body Back Company's Rainbow Scalp Massager

Designed to help individuals to massage their heads and scalps without irritation, Body Back Company’s Rainbow is a light and easy to use massager with an appealing rainbow theme that appeals to most individuals. Manufactured using irritants-free plastic, it is perfect for personal or professional use. The 12 tingling nodes it comes with stimulate nerves and muscles well while the relaxing and calming massage it induces has helped many people all over the work to restore personal wellness. Usage is very simple and its affordability suitable for those with a low budget.

9. Body Back Company’s Gold

Body Back Company's Scalp Massager Gold

This gold edition of Body Back Company’s head massager is recommended massage accessory for people who grapple with fatigue-induced headaches often. Lightweight, portable (3.5-inches), and with premium tingling tines (12) that improve blood circulation to and from the head, it delivers faster and lasting results. Its ability to reviled pain and aches and soothe stressed muscles is admirable while its deep relaxation therapy helps individuals to sleep better at home and in hotel rooms. Forget about the hefty amounts that you pay for massage or the bulky massage chair that you are planning to purchase.

8. The Tingler Therapeutic Massager

The Tingler Therapeutic Head Scalp Massager Massage

To enjoy a soothing and relaxing massage at the comfort of your home without spending premium amounts, this therapeutic massager from The Tingler is a valuable accessory to consider. Lightweight, easy to use, and certified safe for personal use, it is an excellent everyday accessory. Made of flexible copper it also durable and has long tingling tines (10) that not only stimulate nerve endings but also massage pressure points gently to melt away stress after a long day’s work. With an original model, you will also appreciate its exceptional healing properties and ability to relieve tension without irritating the skin or muscles.

7. DCI Rainbow Head Massager

DCI Rainbow Head Massager, Assorted Colors

Trusted by individuals and professionals alike, DCI Rainbow Head Massager is an effective handheld massager with a lightweight and brightly colored body designed to melt away stress with minimal effort. Attainable in a plethora of assorted colours, it is aesthetic and travel-worthy. The steel, aluminum, and silicone used to manufacture it are durable and skin-safe while its long 10-inch design not only offered better coverage of the head but also massages nerves, pressure points, and muscles to sooth pain and improve blood circulation to the brain.

6. AStorePlus Scalp Head Massager

AStorePlus® Scalp Head Massager(colors may vary)

Are you tired of the headaches that you grapple with often after a long day’s work? To improve blood circulation, reduce stress, and relax in the comfort of your home, this scalp and head massager from AStorePlus is one of the best accessories to use. Measuring 9.5-inches tall, it fits comfortably in the hand. It body, on the other hand, is lightweight and easy to use while the plethora of random colours currently available in the market enables you to personalize your experience. Finally, storage and transportation is simple, which make it one of the best accessories for use in offices and in hotels.

5. Seeking Health Head Neck Scalp Massager

Head Neck Scalp Massager Pack of 5 Colors Vary Supports Deep Relaxation, Perfect For Everyone! Seeking Health

Attainable as a package of five neck, head, and scalp massagers that offer deep relaxation, Seeking Health is a professional-grade accessory that works well for individuals of all cadres. This package is affordable. The premium stainless steel used to manufacture all massagers is non-irritant while their beautifully engraved handles and soothing tines offered work in synergy to relax users through massage. Forget about paying hefty amounts you pay for massages or bothering your better half to stimulate your head and neck whenever you come home from work. Seeking Health massagers are affordable, long lasting, and very easy to use.

4. Seeking Health Massagers

Head Neck Scalp Massager Pack of 10 Colors Vary Supports Deep Relaxation, Perfect For Everyone! Seeking Health

Designed to support deep relaxation, soothe pain, and help individuals (both men and women) to live healthy and productive lives, this pack of 10 head, scalp, and neck massagers from Seeking Health are among the must-have accessories by both individuals and the working class. Lightweight, durable, and with portable designs that you carry along to work and your hotel room, you no longer have to depend on your local spa to get your daily dose of massage. The unique colours offered are not only aesthetic but also enable you to track usage. The stainless steel used to make them is durable and non-irritant while their sturdy handled (engraved) fit comfortably in hands for easier operation.

3. TOOGOO Scalp Head Massager

TOOGOO Scalp Head Massager (Colors May Vary)

Ranked among the top 10 best head massagers in 2016 reviews, TOOGOO is a fast-acting head massager with a set of rounded prongs that soothe nerves and promote better blood circulation over time. Even though light and attainable cheap in stores, it penetrated hair well to deliver memorable results every time. Turing (at different angles) and massaging are simple (courtesy of its comfortable and ergonomic handle), while the non-irritant balls on its ends induce an enjoyable ticking sensation without scratching the scalp and or irritating users as long nails often do. For the best experience, avoid using hair-stiffening gels whenever you are planning to massage. They often impair the motion of its tines, which dampens the experience of users.

2. Kikkerland Hand Held Massager

Hand Held Scalp Head Massager - Pack of 2 (Colors May Vary)

Featuring an innovative Varies design, Kikkerland is an innovative package of two handheld massagers that enable you to treat your head and scalp without depending on third parties. Attainable as a package of two high-end massagers, it is affordable. Both massagers are portable, attainable in assorted colours, and have premium designs that not soothe pain but also improve blood circulation to the head to soothe stress and fatigue. Forget about the analgesics that you depend on to keep your health in check. Buy an original Kikkerland pack of massagers to treat yourself and other family members on demand.

1. Body Back Company Massager

Scalp Massager by Body Back Company

Used by thousands or people all over the world to sooth pain, increase blood circulation to the head and scalp, and relax stressed muscles, this massager from Body Back Company tops our list. Lightweight, durable, and easy to use, it is an excellent day-to-day accessory. Small enough to fit various head shapes and sizes, it benefits both kids and adults. You can even to massage your ankles, elbows, and knee joints without compromising its performance.


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