Top 10 Best Driving Gloves Reviewed

Wearing a pair of driving gloves when behind the steering wheels is not only a fashion statement, it gives you a good grip of the steering hence a better control of your car and also keeps your hands warm. There are different variety of gloves selling in the market today, a good driving glove should be durable, have a beautiful and appealing design and made from a perfect choice of material. Here is an expert compilation of the top 10 best driving gloves reviews:

10. Warmen Classic Leather Driving Gloves


Warmen’s driving gloves are a cool design made from lambskin Nappa leather. The company has come up with a classic design of other similar types of driving gloves that gives the wearer a feeling of “race car driver” irrespective of the make of the vehicle. These gloves are well priced considering their quality and design, be sure to have your hands kept warm during the entire driving session. The Warmen classic driving gloves are breathable a feature that makes them comfortable and allows you to wear even during warm weather.

9. Isonometer Leather Gloves


Isonometers comes in either black or brown colors to choose from, they are made from 100% genuine leather. The inside lining of the driving gloves is 83% polyester and 17% nylon, making them one of the most comfortable glove from the inside. You can choose any size of isonometers except small. The covered snaps make them very easy to wear. The gloves are very easy to wash and maintain, just hand wash, then dry air, you can also dry wash if you prefer to. The manufacturers however, recommends that you do not machine wash the gloves.

8. Interstate Basic Driving Gloves

These are basic driving gloves. They are designed with hook, knuckle holes, an elastic wrist band and loop cuffs. The gloves are not lined, making them comfortable to drive in over a long distance keeping your hands warm. The gloves come in different sizes ranging from small to extra large to allow you chose the ideal size for your hands to fit in comfortably. The interstate basic driving gloves are also fairly priced, they are light in your hands when driving, making them a darling for many drivers.

7. ELMA Unlined Deerskin

ELMA design looks very beautiful, almost in all hands that wear them. You can choose from sand colored brown or black. The cloves have a specially designed cutout back. ELMA features the knuckle holes that help in keeping your hands comfortable and stop them from sweating. They are made from unique pure and professionally treated leather to make them extremely soft to the touch or when you wear them. They also have close metal snap that is used to close them on your hands backside and are easy to open.

6. Pratt and Hart Women’s Leather Driving Gloves

Pratt and Hart are specifically and specially designed for the ladies who love style and comfort when behind the wheels. You can choose from three different colors, tan, black or brown and comes in different sizes. The gloves are made from genuine deerskin leather to ensure that they make the ladies more comfortable. Each finger has a vent hole and a snap wrist closure. Pratt and Hart do not feature knuckle holes, but the smaller vent holes are more appealing.

5. Fratelli Orsini Everyday Women’s Open Back Leather Driving Gloves


Fratelli Orsini is the darling of the ladies, with a vast choice of colors and sizes to choose from. They are very stylish and offer a comfort every woman may not deny. These leather driving gloves for ladies stands out from other gloves because they are made from Italian lambskin leather. They finger parts feature vent and knuckle holes to make them breathable hence no sweating when you wear them for long. The gloves fit upwards to your wrist to offer more protection to the hands from the cold steering wheel.

4. Giovanni Navarre Genuine Leather Driving Gloves

Giovanni Navarre Genuine Leather Driving Gloves


The Giovanni Navarre driving gloves are pure genuine leather. They have been designed with the intention to last long while protecting the driver’s hands. They keep your hands very warm and are very comfortable. Besides driving, you can also use the gloves for other functions like riding a motorcycle. The Giovanni Navarre does not have perforation or holes, but are made with inside lining which takes care of sweat. These gloves are ideal for those driving in extremely cold weather.

3. Milwaukee Driving Gloves

Energetics Mesh and Leather Workout Gloves (Medium)

The Milwaukee driving gloves are one of the most light weight driving gloves in the industry. They come in various sizes for anybody to choose from are priced very low for their quality. The gloves have received very high rating, making them stand out as the top choice when it comes to driving gloves. The designers concentrated on their function, which is hard grip, they come with perforated fingers and separate wrist strap which are adjustable. This glove gives back value for the money spent both in design and functionality.

2. Boston Traveler

The Boston traveler enjoys a long presence in the industry. It is men’s gloves made from deerskin leather. They are made from Thinsulate technology, making your hands warm during the entire driving period. The design is very sophisticated and looks very stylish. They are very soft to the hand and pleasant to touch since they are made from luxury US deerskin.

1. First Manufacturing Motorcycle Driving Gloves

First Manufacturing Lightweight Driving Gloves (Black, XXX-Large)

This is the number one driving gloves for men today. They are the number one motorcycle driving gloves, designed and distributed by First Manufacturing. These driving gloves are made from unique and high quality cow hide. They are very light yet high quality and durable. They come with adjustable wrist strap and designed with perforated fingers to avoid sweat from driving longer distances while wearing them. The first Manufacturing offers a great price for these quality motorcycle driving gloves. Keep your fingers warm and safe by going for the best option.

These are the top 10 best driving gloves in 2014 review. It is advisable that you only buy from reputable sellers to get only original, genuine, high quality, well priced and value back for your money. Choose your next driving gloves to have a goo experience on the road for a longer term.