20 Golden Glove Award Winners At FIFA World Cup Of All Time

Here is a list of the top 20 Golden Glove Award Winners at FIFA World Cup of All Time

20. Dino Zoff (Italy)

Dino Zoff (Italy)


The Italian goalkeeper made it on the list of All-Star World Cup team after making some startling performance in the 1982 FIFA World Cup held in Spain. He is remembered as the first Italian to achieve this fete and the one who paved way for the likes of Gianluigi Buffon in later FIFA World Cup tournaments.

19. Ubaldo Fillol (Argentina)

Ubaldo Fillol (Argentina)

Fillol represented his country Argentina in the 1978 FIFA World Cup tournament that was held in the same country. Playing at home, Ubaldo Fillol was unbeatable, making remarkable saves that won him the best goalkeeper of the tournament awards. His skills in-between the goalposts were crucial in ensuring success for Argentina in this World Cup.

18. Sergio Goycochea (Argentina)

Sergio Goycochea (Argentina)


Taking up the 18th position of Golden Glove Award Winners at FIFA World Cup is another Argentinean goalkeeper, Sergio Goycochea whose brilliant performance was instrumental in the success of Argentina during the 1990 FIFA World Cup that was held in Italy.

17. Sepp Maier (West Germany)

Sepp Maier (West Germany)


Well known for his diving abilities, Sepp Maier was an outstanding figure between the goalposts that always scared his opponents into disillusionments. He was the first German goalkeeper to be included into the All-Star team sheet in the FIFA World Cup tournaments; this was in the 1974 World Cup tournament that was held in West Germany.

16. Enrique Ballestrero (Uruguay)

Enrique Ballestrero (Uruguay)

Ballestrero helped his Uruguayan side win the first FIFA World Cup tournament held in 1930. Uruguay as the host country in this first-ever World Cup contest had put on a strong team that was effective in both defense and attack. The goalkeeping from Ballestrero was also superb making him the first-ever goalkeeper to be included in the All-Star World Cup team sheet.

15. František Plánička (Czechoslovakia)

František Plánička (Czechoslovakia)


Playing in the 1938 FIFA World Cup that was held in France, this Czech goalkeeper produced
breathtaking saves that resulted into his short-listing into the All-Star World Cup team for the tournament. He encrypted his name into the list of legends by always being in his best as he stopped some of the best forwards from scoring in the 1938 FIFA World Cup Tournament.

14. Viliam Schrojf (Czechoslovakia)

Viliam Schrojf (Czechoslovakia)


Inspired by Plánička, another Czech international Viliam Schrojf churned out some startling performance during the 1962 FIFA World Cup tournament that was held in Chile, South America. His performance in this World Cup tournament will always be remembered as his side caused disappointments to the big boys of the tournament who were well set to emerge victorious.

13. Harry Gregg (Northern Ireland)

Harry Gregg (Northern Ireland)

Representing Northern Ireland during the 1958 FIFA World Cup tournament that was held in Sweden, Harry Gregg produced some amazing reflexes, tipping off crucial shots over the goal bar,
saving games at crucial moments and providing the much needed leadership to his side which was relatively inexperienced in the tournament.

12. Ladislao Mazurkiewicz (Uruguay)

Ladislao Mazurkiewicz (Uruguay)

The setting was in Mexico, 1970 when Ladislao Mazurkiewicz broke the record to become the third Uruguayan to win the Golden Glove Award and be included in the All-Star team for the 1970 FIFA World Cup. His long, strong fingers that always had the advantage of tipping off volleys from opponents made him one of the most decorated goalkeepers of all-time.

11. Ricardo Zamora (Spain)

Ricardo Zamora (Spain)


Playing for Spain during the 1934 FIFA World Cup held in Italy, Zamora made a name for himself
that saw big football clubs in Europe scramble for his signature. He landed up in Cataluña where he played for Barcelona, winning trophies and awards that decorated his long football career.

10. Roque Máspoli (Uruguay)

Roque Máspoli (Uruguay)


Always credited for being the second Uruguayan goalkeeper to make it in the All-Star FIFA World Cup
team list, Máspoli was instrumental in the successful campaign marshaled up by Uruguay during the 1950 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil.

9. Luis Gabelo Conejo (Costa Rica)

Luis Gabelo Conejo (Costa Rica)


The Costa Rican was given a joint award with Sergio Goycochea from Argentina during the 1990
FIFA World Cup competition that was held in Italy. His exemplary performance in-between the goalposts helped his Costa Rican side record some of the memorable football moments in their history.

8. Michel Preud’homme (Belgium)

Michel Preud'homme (Belgium)


Playing for Belgium during the 1994 FIFA World Cup played in the United States, Michel Preud’homme put forward some remarkable performance for his team, making crucial saves that helped his team record favorable results in a consistent manner. He played a crucial role in the success of the Belgian side that plated in the 1994 World Cup tournament.

7. Jean-Marie Pfaff (Belgium)

Jean-Marie Pfaff (Belgium)


Another Belgian to make the list of 20 Golden Glove Award Winners at FIFA World Cup of All Time is
Jean-Marie Pfaff who represented his country during the 1986 World Cup held in Mexico. His diving capabilities coupled with strong hands made him a household name in Belgium and many other countries that were closely following the 1986 FIFA World Cup.

6. Gordon Banks (England)

Gordon Banks (England)


6th on the list is Gordon Banks who played for England during the 1966 FIFA World Cup. Being
the host country, England went on to win their first and only World Cup tournament so far, in an amazing way. It is quite clear that Gordon Banks played a major role in ensuring this victory that is proving to be difficult to recuperate by the recent English teams.

5. Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)

Gianluigi Buffon (Italy)

Considered a living legend, Gianluigi Buffon won the Yashin Award which is an equivalent to the FIFA Golden Glove Award that is given to goalkeepers who put out some exemplary performance during the FIFA World Cup tournaments. This was during the 2006 World Cup that was held in Germany and which Italy won after beating France in the tournament’s final match.

4. Manuel Neuer (Germany)

Manuel Neuer (Germany)


Neuer won the 2014 Golden Glove Award after helping his team to win the FIFA World Cup that was
held in Brazil.He became the third German goalkeeper to win this prestigious award after Sepp Maier in 1974 and Oliver Kahn in 2002.

3. Fabien Barthez (France)

Fabien Barthez (France)


Always remembered for his famous skinhead shaving style, Fabien Barthez was part of the French team that won the 1998 FIFA World Cup tournament that was played in France. Being the host country, France was under pressure to show the world what they are made of, and they did not disappoint on this as they went on to win their first-ever FIFA World Cup with Fabien Barthez playing a crucial role between the goalposts.

2. Oliver Kahn (Germany)

Oliver Kahn (Germany)


The German goalkeeper was central in the startling performance that was displayed by the Germans
during the 2002 FIFA World Cup tournament that was held in Korea and Japan. He won the Golden Glove award although his team lost the finals to Brazil in what was a disappointing time out for Kahn as he let in three goals that cost Germany the trophy.

1. Iker Casillas (Spain)

Iker Casillas (Spain)


Topping the list of 20 Golden Glove Award Winners at FIFA World Cup of All Time is Iker Casillas who was part of the free-scoring Spanish team during the 2010 FIFA World Cup that was held in South Africa. Casillas played a critical role in helping his team win their first World Cup trophy in South Africa. He is a living legend, a goalkeeper who the Spanish national team will struggle to replace.

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